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* Landlord is responsible to provide a "Vanilla Box" based upon the following work scope:
** Note: All work shall meet or exceed all local codes, ordinances, Mall Criterias and all ADA requirements.

* Remove all existing interior walls and floor coverings. Floors to be shot blasted as required so as to provide for a clean smooth concrete floor surface to receive new floor covering materials.
* Remove any and all Mechanical, Plumbing and/or Electrical items that are not being re-used or are being abandoned.
* Remove any existing construction that does not conform to this Work Scope Criteria.

Doors, Frames, Hardware and associated Carpentry:
* Furnish and install 2 new 3' x 7' hollow metal doors & frames for new bathrooms.
* Hardware to consist of 1 1/2 pair brushed aluminum hinges, brushed aluminum privacy lockset (lever series), closer, brushed aluminum 8" kickplate both sides, and a two pronged aluminum coat hook on backside of each door.
* Furnish and install one pair of 3'x7' hollow metal doors for receiving, which shall have alarmed panic hardware for rear exit door.

Glass & Glazing:
* Furnish and install new glass Display Window. Display Window shall be 8' high x 8' wide with tempered glass and with a 6" Alum. frame / base shoe at floor. Alum. shall be shop painted factory white (sample to be provided to The Painted Penguin by Landlord, for approval prior to fabrication)

Drywall & Metal Studs:
* Construct 2 new bathrooms. Walls shall consist of 25 guage metal studs to underside of acoustical ceilings, sound insulation within stud cavaties, 5/8" drywall each side. Tape 3 coats, sanding same making ready to receive proper wall finish.
* Furr / Frame all perimeter walls with metal furring / framing, insulating all exterior walls with R=18 value, installing 5/8" firecode drywall to structural deck above.
* Construct all new demising walls to structural deck above, using minimum 20 guage metal studs, sound batt insulation and 5/8" firecode drywall, taping 3 coats then sanding same to make ready for proper finish. Firecaulking / Firesafing at deck as required by codes and ordinances.
* Construct new Storefront & Sign Band(s) and drywall ceiling(s) / soffits / bulkheads in accordance with The Painted Penguin standard storefront drawing, attached hereto for reference only.
* Construct new column enclosures at all interior columns, as well as new storefront columns enclosing new stroefront Grille supports. Size and shape of column enclosures to be in accordance with Tenants Finshed drawings.

Acoustical Tile Ceilings:
* Furnish and install a new 2x4 acoustical tile ceiling in a standard white metal grid system throughout leasehold. Furnish and install grid support for new drywall bulkheads which tenant shall construct, all along perimeter walls. See plan for exact bulkhead layout. Ceiling height to be 11'0" aff.

Floor Coverings & Wall Base
* Provide all required floor preperation as may required for the new epoxy floor system
* Furnish and install new Black 4" vinyl cove base at all perimeter walls, bathroom walls and column enclosures.
* Furnish and install a 3 coat, 3 color, full flake and fully beached epoxy floor system throughout leasehold. Finsih off with a clear epoxy and a non-skid surface
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* Paint all existing and new drywall surfaces with 2 coats of Navajo White.
* Prime all new doors & frames.
* Paint all drywall ceilings, bulkheads and soffits Navajo White.
* Paint new storefront Sign Band with Navajo White.

* Furnish and install, in each bathroom, for each watercloset, one double roll toilet paper dispenser. Each bathroom shall have minimally, one ADA approved watercloset with grab bars. Each sink shall have a soap dispenser. Each bathroom shall be equipped with one electric hand dryer for every two handsinks installed. Each bathroom shall have one stainless steel waste receptacle. All handsinks shall receive a Sloan Optima ETF-600 sensor operated faucet, installed complete.

Fire Sprinkler:
* Furnish and install a complete wet sprinkler system throughout the leasehold, in accordance with all codes and ordinances. Sprinkler head type shall in accordance with Mall criteria.
* Furnish and install Fire extinguishers as may be required by code.

* Furnish and install a complete HVAC system, inclusive of all Roof Top equipment, economizers, VAV boxes, Medium pressure all low pressure ductwork, all grilles, registers and diffusers, volume dampers, fire dampers, return air grilles, toilet exhaust fans and ductwork for same, Roof Top exhaust fan (700 cfm) for Tenants Spray booth as well as the 12" round duct for same. Final connection to Spray Booth to be by Tenant. Landlord shall also furnish and install all controls and thermostats for all HVAC equipment. Thermostats shall be located as approved by The Painted Penguin. Minimally 3 zones. System shall accommodate minimally 1 cfm per sf of leaseable area.
* Furnish and install all required smoke and CO2 detectors throughout space, as required by Mall Criteria, Local codes and agencies.
* Any and all roofing related to the HVAC work shall be included herein.

* Furnish and install a 200 amp panel and distribution, complete with breakers, disconnects and meter. The electrical distribution panel shall have a 10% spare load and circuit capacity. Each electrical circuit shall be 20 amp rated or greater, as defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Duplex outlets spaced every 12 feet apart on all demising and perimeter walls. One GFI outlet within each bathroom, near the sink. Electrical face plates for each outlet and switch shall be paintable metal.
* Furnish and install 1- 2x4 flourescent light fixture for every 85 square feet of leaseable space. Fixtures shall be 2x4 lay-in energy efficient with an acrylic lens, electronic ballasts, 3 - T8/F32 lamps. Each bathroom shall have minimally, 1 light fixture in each room, sepeartely switched within that room. All other light fixtures shall be wired so that there is one switch at the rear door that will turn all light fixtures off within the leasehold.
* Furnish and install all required emergency and exit lighting, per code and Mall Criteria.
* Furnish and install one separate circuit to each storefront entry, for sign connections.
* Furnish and install one door buzzer and alert. Buzzer to be mounbted at back door, and alert to be mounted above ceiling near Cash Wrap.
* Make all connections to all Mechanical and electrical equipment, such as HVAC units, water heaters, etc.
* The 200 amp panel is not intended to house the circuits for the HVAC units. Those units must be fed from a separate panel, or the service size must be increased to accommodate those loads.

* At a minimum, 2 single user washrooms shall be provided at locations approved by The Painted Penguin. Each single user washroom shall have one (1) watercloset and one (1) wall mounted hand sink. Each hand sink shall be equipped with a Sloan sensor faucet, with temperature of water being controlled from a remote thermostat. Furnish and install one floor drain in each bathroom.
* Landlord shall provide for water, waste and vent stubs within 5 feet of plumbing fixtures (within leasehold) for Tenant hand sinks and dish washer.
* Landlord shall provide for water, waste and vent stubs within 5 feet of plumbing fixtures (within leasehold) for Tenant hand sinks and dish washer. for water heater. Furnish and install floor drain at water heater for discharge and testing.
* Firnish and install all required floor drains for those areas receiving pluming, as well as insulation as required for code compliance.

Storefront Grille:
* Furnish and install one new overhead motor operated rolling grille. Size to be 25' wide by 10' high. This includes all supports and power wiring for same, as well as any and all Fire Rated enclosures for same.
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Misc. Items
* Landlord shall provide Tenant with the Permit Drawings for the Vanilla Box work. Drawings shall be provided in the form of CAD drawings on a computer disc. Tenant shall be allowed to insert it's unique interior architectural changes onto those drawings and re-submit same for Tenants own Permit for it's additonal work, at no cost to the Tenant or Tenants General Contractor.
* Landlord shall provide , over and above the work scope indicated above for the Vanilla Box, a Tenant Improvement Allowance of $18 per leasable square foot for Tenant to use towards it's improvement of the leashold.
** It is understood and accepted by Landlord, that the storefront design and materials used will be in accordance with the attached design sketches. The primary design material used is a 1 - 1/2" thick HDU (High Density Urethane) product with a minimum density of 15 pounds. The materials shall be machine cut / hand finished to resemble snowblocks / iceblocks. Material shall then be hard coated, painted and textured to resemble the approved sketches, and shall have fiber optic points of light that alternate colors.